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2021 Conservation Seed Program

Fellow NWTF Members,

Planting food plots for wildlife is becoming more and more of a challenge; rising fuel, fertilizer, and seed prices are putting a bigger dent in the annual budget of hunters everywhere. If you are a current NWTF member though, there’s good news. Conservation seed is available to every member through the North Carolina State Chapter at a very low cost. The conservation seed program is how your NWTF dollars work to support habitat. Please make every effort to pick up seed once notified of its arrival. Electronic request are not a guarantee of seed. Your request is merely a way to predict how much seed is needed at each distribution location. Please take a look at locations below and make sure you will be able to pick up seed. Trucking companies will only drop in two locations so some travel nay be required to pick up seed. Notification of seed arrivals will be posted on the state web-site and through an electronic newsletter email. Please register for this newsletter on the state web-site at ww.ncnwtf.com. If you have no computer accesses please work with someone who can assist you in placing a request online. Our seed program is provided by North Carolina volunteers for North Carolina NWTF members. These members are not employees of the NWTF and distribute seed as a benefit to our other members so the pickup schedule will be at their convenience. Once seed comes in there will be a pick up schedule and contact information included in emails and posted on the state web-site.

Here’s how it works. The North Carolina State Chapter is sponsoring a statewide Conservation Seed program which makes it easy for members and chapters to participate wherever they are in North Carolina. Whether it’s a few bags or many bags, if the seed is available, you can get it. Due to decreased availability of some seed types like Roundup ready Corn quantities may be limited to a few bags per members, but seed such as soybeans and wheat are usually available in great quantity. Seed quantities will be limited to availability.
There are some rules that apply to the Conservation Seed Program:
• Everyone receiving seed must be a current NWTF member
• Everyone receiving seed must plant the seed for wildlife; it cannot be harvested or resold
• Everyone receiving seed must sign a stewardship form agreeing to these rules
Due to the overwhelming popularity of this program we are unable to notify members individually of seed arrivals. It technology has become a must for the seed program. Individuals will be notified of seed arrivals through email. To help the process run smoothly, preorder request will be used to determine the proper number of truckloads and the most efficient locations for seed pickup. Whether you are placing a chapter order, a group order, or an individual order, please use our online order process below. The deadline for ordering can be seen below. Prices found on order forms are projected. Exact pricing can only be determined once seed has shipped due to fluctuations in shipping cost.
Roundup ready corn is available through the NCNWTF Conservation Seed Program as well. It is provided exclusively to NWTF members though a contractual agreement with Monsanto Corporation and is a regulated patented product of Monsanto. Roundup ready corn is limited in supply and Monsanto regulates quantities available per person. Each person receiving roundup ready corn must sign a limited license agreement with Monsanto and carry a copy with them to legally transport and plant the corn.
The Conservation Seed program is a great way to get your hunting season and property ready for a great year. This is just one more example of your NWTF membership working for you.
Just a reminder this is not a guarantee of seed. Conservation Seed is (NOT SOLD )it is passed on to NWTF members as a membership benefit. Prices are based on projected cost plus shipping charges and are subject to change due to supplier pricing.  Please plan to pay with cash, check or money order. 

Roundup Ready Corn March 15, 2021 Order Form
Milo April 1, 2021 Order Form
Soybeans April 1, 2021 Order Form
Winter Wheat June 1, 2021 Order Form



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